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A different sort of Easter

So we come to the end of our stay in Ceannabeinne. Jobs all done and the place is looking terrific and ready for you’ll to come and stay this year.

It certainly has been a very different sort of Easter. Usually it’s the kickoff to the summer season, but not this year because of covid, of course. Plus the weather in the last 48 hours has been interesting too…




Can you spot the difference???
One things is certain it’s never boring weather wise staying here!

April 2021 – Preparations for the new season….

So we have been at Ceannabeinne for the last week or so doing all sorts of odds jobs which desperately needed doing. Covid has been hard on everyone, and not only on us for being unable to have guests stay but just being able to get the cottage do maintenance. So having not visited since READ MORE

So we have been at Ceannabeinne for the last week or so doing all sorts of odds jobs which desperately needed doing. Covid has been hard on everyone, and not only on us for being unable to have guests stay but just being able to get the cottage do maintenance.
So having not visited since last August and hung on as long as we could, we had to come, as we know that we will be able to have Scots visitors stay from 26th April and we hope the rest of the UK shortly after that and had to get the place ready.

So while we’ve been here, we’ve been painting the main bedroom, cleaning and polishing the main rooms wooden floor, popped a few slates back in place the winter weather had dislodged, had a lovely new stove fitted which is amazingly good as producing a lot of heat on a very small amount of wood.

The weather has mostly been terrific. Cold but dry apart from two amazing days where it rained solidly for 48 hours. We ended up with pools in places we’d never seen them before and the sea, which is currently going through it’s cycle of very high and very low ties, was whipped up to a frenzy!

Storm on Tuesday 30th March 2021

Even if the weather is really rough and unpleasant, it’s always amazing to watch and I’m easily distracted during my cleaning tasks by just watching the goings on outside with the tide going up and down in its in endless repetition.

We have also had some really low tides too, which of course mean you can reach the secret beach….

Ceannabeinne beach looking amazing

I hope we can gets some pictures of that beach over the weekend. We have three days left, but worryingly they are forecasting snow!!!! So the trip back to Kent might be fun!

As from 1st May 2021

As of 16th March 2021 we are now allowed to take bookings for

1st May
8th May
15th May

(Dependant on travel restrictions and the tiers prevailing in your area and with just one family staying)

We can then take bookings from 22nd MAY for all UK customers

We also have the 24TH JULY which is our last Summer Holiday date available.

If you do book with us, please be assured, that if Covid 19 travel restrictions or tiered or lockdown restrictions are implemented, you will receive a full refund or you can rebook for another date.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Remaining Summer Dates

The only remaining Summer weeks are :


24th July and 14th August


Don’t delay if you want to stay with us over the Summer Holidays.


The next available dates are that are 9th October onwards….

Back again…..

So after several months of chaos, we’re back.

We are trying to walk the tightrope between lockdown and taking bookings, and as such have decided we will take them from 1st June onwards at he moment. We hope very much, we will not be refunding everyone again in a few months time!!!!

If you wish to book, please do, we expect to be incredibly busy, if we are all allowed back out again in a few weeks time.

A Happy New Year – we hope!

So it’s a New Year and we are optimistic that by March we can have guests staying with us at Ceannabeinne cottage again. We are almost Fully Booked from 13th March to 20th November 2021 with only 6 weeks left.
They are :
12th June
17th July
7th August
14th August
23rd October
4th September
If you were thinking of having a break with us this year, you need to book asap.
Remember, if you book with us, and if for any reason government imposed covid restrictions stop you from having you holiday, you will be fully refunded. But we hope very much by March this will no longer be an issue and if you want a UK based getaway this year, in a stunning location in a comfortable cosy cottage, then Ceannabeinne is the place for you.

Festive Special Offer

This year we are offering a two week Festive break in Ceannabeinne from Tuesday 22nd December to Tuesday 5th January inclusive for £1200. Regular weeks are usually £745 so this special price represents a terrific discount. Enjoy a peaceful Christmas and New Year in a traditional Scottish cottage, with log burner, Aga, and one of the finest sea views in the UK.

Please contact us to book this special offer.

Full until 26th September

We have no availability until 26th September, when we have one week free 26/9 – 3/10/20 at £745

Then another single week 31st October which is 31/10 – 7/11/20 at £745 and then The Christmas and New Year period from Sunday 20th to Sunday 3rd inclusive for a special rate of £1200 for the 12 days.

Please contact us to book the Christmas and New Year Special.

After that its the 9th January 2021 for the first full week which can be booked online.

We’re ‘Good to Go’!

Thank you to everyone who has booked and re booked with us for the slightly strange 2020 Summer season!

We are now fully booked until 26th September when we have one week available, and then no availability until 31st October for a week. We remain pretty busy throughout October and November too. Christmas and New Year now available to book.

Our new ‘Good to Go’ logo is part of the http://visitbritain campaign to show that as a business we have done everything we can to keep our customers and staff safe from Covid-19 and we will continue to do so, during this season and for as long a necessary.