Travelling to the Cottage

If you take a look at our visitors book, when you stay in the cottage, you’ll see we have people from all over the world staying at the cottage. However the vast majority of our visitors are from the UK, many of who have to travel great distances to stay with us.

We live in Kent, which means we have a 700 mile trip to the cottage. We don’t do it all in one day, not anymore, and often take a day or two ravelling up, and enjoy the ‘road trip’ to and from the Highlands.

We’ve stayed in many places on the way, and have our favourites and thought we’d share them with you.

Inverness has lots of places to stay, but for convenience, especially as we usually travel with a dog we recommend the Holiday Inn on the Eastfield Estate out towards the Airport, which is great for picking up your shopping in he morning. If you are not staying with a pooch, then the Premier Inn on the Inshes Estate is also convenient, as its right next to the other Tesco’s in Inverness and a petrol station too. If you fancy something less corporate the Columba Hotel by the river is very nice. However, you need to park just up the road in the public car park.

Don’t forget to fill up with petrol before you leave Inverness. Petrol stations are rarer the further north you go ( and more expensive too)

If you want places to stay before you reach Inverness, we recommend Kingussie, which is a delightful little town around 45 minutes from Inverness. The Osprey Hotel is small and dog friendly. The Duke of Gordon, larger and dog free. You can visit the Ruthven barracks and there are walks around the local river which are enjoyable.

Further south, Moffat is a lovely town to stop off in and has loads of hotels, The Balmoral and The Old Stables are two nice ones. Ecclefechan is a convenient stop for us on the way home, being around 5 hours from the cottage, so enough for ones days drive. The Cressfield Hotel is a lovely recently refurbished hotel, privately run and dog friendly. Delicious food too.

These are all places we have stayed in over the last 3 years. Obviously places change hands and I have left out two places we used to stay in that have badly closed due to not surviving the covid closures.

Its worth taking your time and other great places to visit too and from the cottage are Fort William – you can book the Jacobite Steam train trip to Mallaig, which is an exciting way to spend half a day. Places to stay in Fort William can be a bit hit and miss, and we don’t have any we can recommend.

Visiting the Falkirk Wheel is a worthwhile side trip too. An extraordinary piece of engineering which is mesmerising to watch.

And of course you can stop off in both Glasgow or Edinburgh as you head south. The Fringe in Edinburgh in August is always worth a visit.

The Lake District is a useful stopping off point and we have stayed in Ambleside, Little Langdale – The Old Dungeon Ghyll Hotel is quaintly traditional and we love the climbers bar, and also the Haweswater Hotel is a lovely 1920’s style hotel only around 10 miles off the M6 from the Shap junction ( Junction 39)

If you have any hotels or stop off places you’d like us to mention on this page, then please email me at