By Car

Take the A9 via Inverness to Bonar Bridge; then the A836 to Lairg; and finally on the A838, via Laxford Bridge and Rhiconich, to Durness. This section from Lairg remains one of the most scenic and unspoilt single track roads in Britain.

For Corrachbeag cottage you turn off left at Rhiconich to Kinlochbervie.

By Rail

Inverness in the nearest main line station. It is possible to take the branch line from there to Lairg and a post bus from there to

By Air

Inverness is the nearest Airport. Serviced by

Car rental firms are (01667 4640700 462652)

Finding Ceannabeinne

When you arrive in Durness, turn right and continue East along the coast road for a distance of three miles. Ceannabeinne is the white cottage on the right of the road overlooking Ceannabeinne Bay.

Finding Cranstackie and Craigmor 

When you pass by the 30mph signs as you enter the village, Cranstackie and Craigmor are the 4th house on your left.

Finding Corrachbeag

Once you have turned off the road towards Rhiconich, follow the road towards Kinlochbervie and when you pass the sign to ‘Badcall Inchard’ the cottage is the next left, dropping down off the road.