September 2021

We are most definitely in the second half of 2021, and we hope it’s been a slightly better year for you, we know it has been for us.
We have a few more bookings up until the 7th October and then we staying for a month to refurbish the central heating, put in an electric shower and also insulate the walls of the big gable room.
We know this will improve the efficiency of the heating system, make the whole house warmer and improve the quantity of hot water available when we have a full house of four or five staying.
We are constantly upgrading and improving Ceannabeinne to enhance your stay with us.
The work should be finished by mid November at the latest and we have some weeks available over the autumn period and the Festive period too.
Bookings are already coming in for next years peak periods, with Springtime in April and May particularly popular.
If you are after a certain week next year, then don’t leave it too late to book, or you will miss out!
We are also offering short breaks in the cottage from November through to February, You can book directly, through us or with AirBnB now. This is primarily aimed at people travelling the North Coast 500 and it’s minimum stay of 2 nights.