April 2021 – Preparations for the new season….

So we have been at Ceannabeinne for the last week or so doing all sorts of odds jobs which desperately needed doing. Covid has been hard on everyone, and not only on us for being unable to have guests stay but just being able to get the cottage do maintenance.
So having not visited since last August and hung on as long as we could, we had to come, as we know that we will be able to have Scots visitors stay from 26th April and we hope the rest of the UK shortly after that and had to get the place ready.

So while we’ve been here, we’ve been painting the main bedroom, cleaning and polishing the main rooms wooden floor, popped a few slates back in place the winter weather had dislodged, had a lovely new stove fitted which is amazingly good as producing a lot of heat on a very small amount of wood.

The weather has mostly been terrific. Cold but dry apart from two amazing days where it rained solidly for 48 hours. We ended up with pools in places we’d never seen them before and the sea, which is currently going through it’s cycle of very high and very low ties, was whipped up to a frenzy!

Storm on Tuesday 30th March 2021

Even if the weather is really rough and unpleasant, it’s always amazing to watch and I’m easily distracted during my cleaning tasks by just watching the goings on outside with the tide going up and down in its in endless repetition.

We have also had some really low tides too, which of course mean you can reach the secret beach….

Ceannabeinne beach looking amazing

I hope we can gets some pictures of that beach over the weekend. We have three days left, but worryingly they are forecasting snow!!!! So the trip back to Kent might be fun!